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Current Version: 0.6.2

Last Updated: Sept. 1, 2013

Cradled in the depths of a fantasy underground lies the fabled EverDelve, an ancient labyrinth filled with traps, treasures and monsters. Not one brave soul has yet to reach the final depths of the delve. Do you have the strength and the courage to be the first?

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RPG Combat (demo)

rpg combat demo

Current Version: 0.3.0

Last Updated: July 30, 2011

Fight monsters! Cast spells! In this little demo, you assume control of a small band of heroes facing off against a group of evil monsters. Will your decisions bring the brave adventurers to victory, or to ruin?

This is a demo of the combat system I am developing, for use in RPG/strategy games. Currently, it looks and plays a lot like more traditional RPG games such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, and 7th Saga. It is turn-based, but the system can (in theory) be used in an active battle system, a tactics-style game, or even a real-time strategy game!

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Little RPG

Little RPG preview

Current Version: 0.5.0

Last Updated: Oct. 10, 2010

A throwback to classic combat-based fantasty adventure games. The idea behind this game was to create something simple, but still have all the classic elements of a fantasy adventure game. Fight monsters, earn experience and money, buy new equipment and train your character to be a powerful warrior. Rise to conquer the greatest challenge the arena can throw against you - the mighty dragon!

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