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How to Play

This game is controlled by the mouse. When the game screen appears, click 'New Game' to start a new character, or 'Load Game' if you are resuming a previous game.

If you started a new game, you will first be given the opportunity to customize your character. Choose from the available classes and races, paying attention to how they alter your starting ability scores. Choose a portrait to represent your character. Finally, choose a name. When you are satisfied with your choices, click 'Done'.

The main screen is where you will explore each level of the dungeon. In the upper left, information about your character is displayed. The top center display shows your character's location and all parts of the maze you have explored so far. Up to four buttons surrounding the minimap allow your character to move throughout the maze. When your character encounters something special, additional options will appear to the right. At bottom center, a small text description of the current room is displayed. In the bottom left are two buttons which will allow you to save your progress or quit.

The general objective at each level is to uncover the location of that level's key, which will open the doors to a set of stairs leading down to the next level. Each new depth presents you with tougher challenges, and its maze grows increasingly larger.

Periodically, your character will encounter a monster. Combat is turn-based. When it is your character's turn, a stick figure icon will appear over your character's icon and you will be presented with a list of actions your character can perform. Click one of those options, such as 'Strike' or 'Blast'. If needed, click the icon of the target for your action, such as an enemy. When all choices have been made, your character will perform the action you selected, attacking a foe or using a health potion or the like. Combat ends when all enemies are slain, your character is slain, or you successfully flee.